Leadership Journey

Helping leaders create a culture of civility and respect

Helping Employees Assess their Workplace Behaviors

Today’s workplace is ever-changing, but one thing remains constant: the most productive, profitable workplaces are also the ones that deliberately cultivate a culture of civility and respect. In order to promote such a culture, employers must encourage and enable their employees to improve upon their ability to effectively manage their workplace behavior and address workplace incivility when it arises, in-person or virtually. The following four lenses will be helpful to evaluate how your organization assesses its approach to workplace civility:

  • Self-Reflection on Personal Conduct
    • Are your employees aware of the potential impact of their workplace behaviors?
    • Have they been given feedback and strategies to improve how they are perceived at work?
  • Reacting and Responding to Uncivil Behavior
    • When confronted with incivility in the workplace, how do people respond?  Do they retaliate or do they constructively manage the situation?
    • What strategies, if any, does your staff employ when they are on the receiving end of uncivil behavior?
  • Ability to Address Incivility
    • How capable and comfortable are employees at addressing workplace incivility with one another? With leadership?
  • Bystander Behaviors
    • Do employees effectively respond when they witness incivility towards others in the workplace?  Do they speak up or report what they saw?  Stay silent?

If any of these questions have you curious as to how your own workplace culture might be improved upon, then let Workplace Performance Solutions be your guide. 

Offering individual self-assessment opportunities to help create awareness along with robust strategies to address instances of uncivil behavior, our Personal Respect Barometer™ enhances the ability of both leaders and employees to create and maintain a culture of workplace civility. 

With these game-changing tools at your disposal, you can provide your employees with strategies to reduce stress, improve individual self-awareness, and communicate respectfully and productively with one another.

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